Why Not to Do DIY Data Recovery

Why Not to Do DIY Data Recovery

It is normal that when people lose data, the first instinct is to Google “how to recover data at home”. They will then desperately follow any of the tutorials that look promising with a hope of recovering the lost data and files. However, while very few are successful; most tutorials available in the internet today are misleading and may lead to you causing more harm than good and in the end make the data completely unrecoverable. In this article, we will inform you of why not to do DIY Data Recovery.


Why is it not advisable to DIY data recovery?

As aforementioned, even though you might want to save on the cost of hiring a professional to retrieve the lost data for you, it is not wise to DIY either. Here are some of the reasons as to why:


  1. You might make the data completely unrecoverable

Normally, it is easier to retrieve data lost through formatting or accidental deletion. However, if you lost the data through physical damage of the hard drive, if you try DIY the chances of losing the data completely are high. When you connect a physically damaged hard drive to a computer with the aim of recovering the data using data recovery software, the software may end up modifying the existing files even if the solution was simply logical. As a result, you may never retrieve the data lost.


  1. Some hard drives are very sensitive

For a business organization or any other company that has to store huge amount of data, DIY is not an option. In case of an emergency, simply call a professional to come and assess the damage. This is because some hard drives are manufactured in sterile and dust free conditions. Opening the drives yourself thereby exposes them to airborne particles that will make the conditions worse. Now, you will not have lost the data alone but also you will have damaged the hard drives physically rendering any chance of recovery futile.


  1. Using some data recovery software is dangerous

Not all the data recovery software available in the internet is safe for use. Some (especially those downloaded free), are not effective and may cause more harm. For instance, if you delete or format any form of data from your hard drive and even empty the recycle bin, the data is still there even though you cannot access them. However, when you install data recovery software in the same drive, the “unseen” data now disappears completely. You may never be able to recover them. Hiring a professional on the other hand, he will come with his trusted data recovery software and will stand a chance of recovering the data.

  1. You may end up accelerating the data loss

If your computer is failing and not all the data has been lost, trying DIY may accelerate this process. If you install free recovery software to the drive, the software will try to read the bad areas of the drive. This will cause an increase in the drive spins thereby accelerating the rate of data loss instead. In case your hard drive has any physical damage, it must be opened and repaired first before trying to recover the lost data. This is something only a professional can do.


  1. Some software to do not provide accurate results

In case of data loss and you try to recover them on your own, chances are that you will try to use data recovery software. Because you do not have the technical expertise, you may end up downloading the free recovery software available in the internet. After installing the software, you will be lucky if you do not end up losing the data completely. However, you are not completely off the hook, as the software will not tell you what the problem with your hard drive is. You will therefore miss important information such as whether there are any corrupt modules, corrupt firmware, crashed head and if there are any crashes on the platter among other important information.



While DIY data recovery is a faster and cheaper method, it is not the safest. In your quest to recover lost data by yourself, you may end up making them irretrievable instead. For instance, you might be tempted to use free data recovery software that are not trusted thereby corrupting the hard drive further. In addition to that, you might open the hard drive exposing it to airborne particles that may end up destructing it even further. Generally, it is wise to hire a professional to try to retrieve the data for you instead of trying DIY.