How To Backup Your Phone Contacts

Once in a while, we tend to lose our contacts from our phones. The worst part is, we never plan on losing these important contacts. The good part is, it is possible to back up all or some of the contacts on our phones.

If you don’t plan on losing your phone contacts, it is good to have them stored somewhere else. Lucky for you, I’ve compiled a couple of the best ways to back up your contact list. If ever you choose to update your phone, these are the guidelines you need to follow to ensure all your contacts, whether official or unofficial, are safe.

How to backup Contacts for Android Phones

First off, it’s important to note that different people use different ways to backup their contacts. Some purchase a brand-new phone complete with all the advanced features. With the rapid evolution of technology, life has become easier and more convenient.

Back up the contacts on your Android phone in 5 different ways:

1.Backup android contacts to your google account

  1. On your phone, go to ‘settings’. Select ‘add account’ then sign in to your ‘new’ or ‘existing’ account.
  2. To add a Google account on your Android phone, click ‘OK’.
  3. Select ‘Contacts’ then tap on the menu button. Choose ‘Move device contacts to’ then select ‘back up your Android contacts to Google’.
  4. To view your backup as a vCard file, sign in to your Gmail account on your computer. Click the drop-down list of ‘Gmail’ then select ‘Contacts’.



2.Backup android contacts to your USB storage or SD card

1.Tap on ‘Contacts’ and select ‘Manage contacts’.

2.Choose export contacts to USB storage or SD card and tap ‘OK’ to confirm.

3.On your Android phone, open the file manager to view the contacts in the vCard file.

4.Transfer the file to other storage or PC via your USB cable.

3.Backup android contacts from Android to Mac/PC

For this, you’ll need to ‘Jihosoft Android Manager’. This tool gives you the ability to either transfer or backup your messages, videos, photos or other files to PC. It also allows you to print your contacts as soon as the backup is complete.

1.Download and run this software. Via USB cable, connect your Android to PC.

2.Activate USB debugging and choose ‘Backup your phone’.

3.Tap on ‘Contacts’ and click ‘Backup now’. To view the backup, click ‘Open the output folder now’.

4.Transfer Contacts to SD Card

With ‘Super Backup App’, you can be sure of transferring your android contacts to your SD card in the safest way possible. If your phone is rooted, your contacts will be transferred to your SD card to be restored.

1.Download and install this app through Google Play.

2.Choose ‘Contacts’ and tap on ‘Backup’.

3.In your phone settings, edit your ‘Backup Path’.

4.To ensure the regular backup, select ‘App Auto Backup’ in your phone’s settings.

5.Backup Android Contacts with ‘123 Contact Backup’


1.Download and install the app from Google Play. Proceed to choose the type of contacts you would want to save.

2.Enter your email address or select your backup’s format – Text (human readable0 or CSV (for Outlook import).

  1. To finish, tap on the ‘back up’ button.

6.An alternative to these 5 ways:

1.Open your phone’s contact list.

2.From your contact list, hit the menu button.

3.Hit the import/export tab from the list that appears. This will give you a list of the available importing and export options.

  1. Once you’ve picked an option that you’re comfortable with, the list will then be backed up. From here, all that’s left to do is to import your contact list on to your new phone.

If you have an android phone, these awesome ways are sure to work just fine for you. Be sure to follow each step slowly and carefully. I believe that this article has been, or will be of help to you in the near future!